dream (textile)
This are a few of my weekly works that I've made in the third year. I did it to learn various textile techniques.
The themes are often about thoughts and dreams I've had that week.

textile pirate ship

textile rainy day

vest 2 (textile)
This is the second vest I have knitted on the 25 year old knitting machine.
Based on the first hemd, the pattern is more sweet, but now the vest is placed in a more rugged industrial context.

vest (textile)
For my minor Textiles, I had to make a shirt on the knitting machine. Before I had never knitted in my life, let alone on a knitting machine. So it was a nice challenge.

As inspiration we had to pick one artist. I chose Mucha with the Jugendstil. In the shirt I made a pattern of roses (poppies). As a contrast I added a black screen-printed layer with the text "alive" which refers to the poppies and the life we must live.

shirts (textile)